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What is a gps tracker with long battery life?

   What is a gps tracker with long battery life?

Check out our latest product review - a gps tracker with long battery life. Find out details about the famous TK915, a GPS tracker with very long battery life (~ 6 month), super strong magnets, a lot of several alarms like geo-fence, low battery alarm, over speed alarm, removal alarm, etc. Waterproof, text message tracking on demand and by GPS tracking software and more ... [GPS-tracker with long battery life]

FREE and premium realtime freeware gps tracking platform alternative to Orange

GPS tracking for fleet is more than save fuel and maintenance costs. There are a lot of other benefits like efficient dispatching and vehicle routing. is your reliable and FREE Orange alternative. Using a cheap 12 USD GT02A tracker (see cheap GT02 GPS vehicle tracker (Like concox / cothinking) clone review) and a SIM card containing FREE data, free phone calls and free text messages (see international SIM cards for your GPS tracker ) you can track your vehicles with lowest costs ever.

With software made in germany and GPS tracking servers hosted in germany we offer data privacy protection based on german data privacy laws. is reliable because you can start with a free plan without a timelimit. You decide what you want and what you need. Starting with your free GPS tracking server platform account you can track your GPS tracker for free or upgrade to a premium plan which will fit your needs. is one of the leading FREE and premium realtime web based gps tracking server software platforms for hardware GPS tracker and smartphone / cellphone tracking.

Cheapest affordable China GPS Tracker for less than 20$

Finding a suitable GPS tracker is like finding a needle in the haystack. Thousands of manufactorers a more favorable than the other are telling you "our gps tracker is the best and cheapest". But unboxing and setup often comes a rude awakening. Let us give us a piece of advice which trackers can be used if you don't really want to spend much money. Read more in our little review cheap GT02 GPS vehicle tracker (Like concox / cothinking) clone review.

   Another cheap but affordable vehicle tracker but with internal battery, intelligent power save mode and remote engine / oil cut

The GPS103B / TK103B (maybe Coban China) is designed as a pure vehicle tracker. In our article GPS vehicle tracker terminal GPS103B / TK103B with remote control and relais we will introduce you into the features of this GPS tracker for fleet with remote engine cut (stop vehicle / engine by remote in case of theft) .

With our famous FREE GPS tracking platform** it is easy to manage your vehicles, fleet, history and tracking events like alerts. Our platform is compatible with a full bandwith of GPS trackers like Coban, Xexun, Teltonika, Ruptela, Concox and of course - most GPS tracker clones. By the way, save money and order your FREE GPS tracker sim card in UK - 100% free mobile phone and high speed internet service. If you experience issues or problems with the GPS tracke3r configuration just let us know. Takt a look at our section SMS configuration for gps trackers to find out how to setup your GPS tracker by SMS / text message. Or send us an email to the email address in our website contact and imprint. If you own a website or a forum you could earn a LIFETIME Premium Flat for FREE. Find our more in our article link and content partnership.

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Have you ever asked yourself how does a GPS tracking system work? Figure it out. View your driven track on a map, follow them live in realtime, get alerts by mail and SMS, temperature logging by dallas DS18B20 temperature sensor, ECO driving analysis and reporting, automatic Strato HiDrive and Dropbox Cloud Upload for your personal backup and many more features.

TK102 and clone setup

As far as you possibly know there are lots of TK102 fakes and clones outside there. But not every fake is a clone and vice versa. Just the setup can be a little bit more difficult if you dont know what you are holding in your hands. To make sure that you will send the proper setup instructions to the tracker you should read our article how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine before. Dont worry, all clones are compatible with our tracking platform. And of course we have a lot of setup guides for you.

International SIM cards for GPS tracking devices

Finding a cheap, affordable and reliable SIM card can be frustrating. As we have already mentioned a lot of times you need a SIM card for your GPS tracker. Without a SIM card your GPS tracker will not work. But you don't need a mobile phone contract, a cheap prepaid solution is enough for a GPS tracker. We have checked various suppliers in europe as well as in the USA. Find out more in our article international SIM cards for your GPS tracker .

For webmaster - get FREE VIP premium lifetime GPS tracking account

If you own a web project like a website, blog, shop or forum suitable for GPS tracking? The topic is something about tech, gadgets, cars, motorcycles, sports activities, outdoor stuff and so on? Become a linkpartner / contentpartner and get your FREE PREMIUM VIP account instead of the low power free plan. Learn more? Visit our article link and content partnership. Example: You own a website about dogs. As far as we know dogs sometimes run away from home. So you could write something about gps tracking for dogs.