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French, spanish, polish or russian is your native language? Be a part of the famous platform as a community translator.

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Our free gps tracking platform is growing and growing - nearly 1500% within the last year. In the past we have been asked about more website language and we always denied - platform development and user support takes all the manpower we can offer.

Help us to improve our platform and website languages - as a give away you can receive up to a premium lifetime access to our ad free platform. The only thing you need to do is translating some parts of our website, you can choose what part you prefer. Website, legal text (terms, privacy) or platform internal stuff like e-mails, menu structure or text parts.

Get free PREMIUM ECO plan

You translate our web page This is the easiest part because it is not really much. A native speaking should do that in some hours.
This contains:
- web page


This is more difficult. You translate our web page and the platform internal things. The platform parts contains:

- Some wording and phrases, provided as excel list (~150 lines, 300-400 words)
- Systems emails (alerts, account creation, etc.)


Nothing for beginners. You translate legal stuff like terms and conditions, affiliate terms, data privacy policy, reseller terms, etc.

How can i get in touch?

Please contact our community manager Boris. Tell him something about your person, education, your job and your hobbies so he can decide wheather you are the right guy (or girl) for us.

Contact community manager

Boris Krones
E-Mail: account [-at-]