Basic Meitrack VT310 SMS commands setup
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Basic Meitrack VT310 SMS commands setup


This is your basic SMS setup for your Meitrack VT310 gps vehicle tracker. Setup cell phone sim APN and tracking server software platform settings like server IP and port.

by Boris Krones

  SMS setup for your Meitrack VT310 vehicle tracker

If you need further assistance for sms setup like overspeed, geofence, admin number authorization please refer to our section Meitrack VT310 vehicle tracker extended settings.

These commands are using the factory default password 000000. If you changed your Meitrack VT310 vehicle tracker password in the past you have to adjust the password to yours. We are using exemplary APN of cell phone carrier ePlus (germany / europe). You have to adjust these settings too.
HINT  Please make sure that you are using proper APN settings. Wrong settings may cause that the gps tracker wont work. You need help finding suitable APN? Check out our article about international APN settings for GPS trackers.


  • Setup APN for SIM card (please adjust to your SIM / cell carrier / provider)
    To device W000000,011,APN,APN_USERNAME,APN_PASSWORD
    Example: to device W000000,011,,blau,blau
  • If your APN doesnt require APN username and PAN password please use following simplified sms command:
    To device W000000,011,YOUR_APN_NAME
  • Setup gps tracking server software platform address (Server IP and port,,1155 are samples, please use server ip and port provided from your gps tracking software provider)
    To device W000000,012,,1155
  • Setup GPRS sending interval for vehicle on vibration / moving (18 stands for 180 seconds):
    To device W000000,014,00018
  • Setup GPRS sending interval for vehicle on stop / idle state (60 stands for 600 seconds):
    To device W000000,114,00060

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