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Alternative TK102 or GT02A fake setup for GPS server

This GPS tracker manual will guide you through setup for GPS tracking server if your tracker IMEI begins with ***22704 digits.

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  Alternative setup for a GPS tracker clone (like TK102 and GT02A)

Piece of advice - This setup manual will show you how to setup your clone tracker (similar to the picture above) for a GPS tracking server platform like GPSTRACE or our FREE GPS Tracking platform. There are a lot of several trackers having an IMEI like ***22704. Most IMEI numbers are beginning with a trailing 355. Take a look at numbers 4-8. Depending on the manufactorer you can setup this tracker by following commands. If these commands are not answered by the tracker or answered with "fail" reply please try our Alternative  TK102 clone setup with *2704* IMEI for GPS tracking platform. If you are not sure if you own a genuine or a clone have a look at our article  how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine.

In this setup manual we are using the GPS tracker default password 666666. If you have changed this password in the past you have to customize following commands.

  • Setup GPS tracking server IP and port
    To tracking device  Server,666666,0,,1155,0#

    The IP address is just a testserver. Dont use that server, you will not see anything on the map. If you are registered at our platform you will receive the real IP address by mail after registration.
  • Set APN (example: ePlus germany)
    To tracking device  Apn,666666,APN_NAME,APN_USERNAME,APN_PASSWORD#
    If your APN user or APN password is empty just remove that fields:
    To tracking device Apn,666666,APN_NAME#

  No costs for your SIM card traffic? - To save a lot of money you should consider using a special SIM card with free data. Find our more in our article  FREE GPS tracker sim card in UK.

  • Set position refresh interval
    To tracking device timer,666666,,180#
  • Set timezone
    To tracking device GMT,666666,E,1#

    If you use our FREE GPS server platform you need to setup 1 (one) as default timezone. The GPS tracking server will calculate the real time internal.