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Reachfar RF-V16 manual / sms basic configuration

Basic SMS configuration for your Reachfar RF-V16 GPS Tracker - learn more about setting up your gps tracker password, howto authorize your phone number and how to request gps location by SMS, etc.

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  Basic SMS configuration for your Reachfar RF-V16 GPS Tracker

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We are using 123456 as the factory default device password. If you have changed that password in the past please adjust the password in the sms commands.

  • Authorize your number
    Before you can use the gps tracker Reachfar RF-V16 you need to authorize your cell phone number of your smartphone / cell phone. Authorization means to allow just only that number to send commands to the gps tracker and to disallow requesting a location by call or sms from other numbers.

    Dont use the number in the tracker for authorization, use the number of your cell phone (!). This authorized number is also called master number or center number. Please use the international number format (41,43,49, etc.) If your cell phone number is +491727788990 please use 491727788990 withour leading +. Send following sms command now:
    SMS to device 123456,sos1,491727788990#

    To delete this number send:
    SMS to device reset#

    Attention: Using this delete command means that you delete the center / master number AND all SOS numbers.
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  • Change tracker language
    The tracker language is chinese by default so you should change that to english. Please send:
    SMS to device lag,2#

  • First location request by sms
    Now you can do the first position request, please send:
    SMS to device dw#

    Your Reachfar RF-V16 will reply with a location sms.

  • Check gps tracker settings
    To check the current configuration please send:
    SMS to device dsp#

  • Turn off GPRS mode
    The GPRS mode (tracking platform mode) is turned on by default. If you dont want to use a gps live tracking server platform you should turn off that feature to save battery power and gprs data traffic.
    SMS to device goff#

    To enable / turn on GPRS / platform mode just send:

    SMS to device gon#

  • Change LED activity
    If you want to turn off LED activity just send:
    SMS to device loff#
    To turn on / enable LED activity send:
    SMS to device lon#
  • Change gps tracker password
    By default the gps tracker reachfar RF-V16 is using 123456 as device password. To change this please send:
    SMS to device 123456,t,456789#

    Please change 456789 to your new password. Make sure it contains only numeric values from 0 to 9, no chars, no white spaces - length 6.
  • GPS server live tracking platform / GPRS mode
    To make the gps tracker sending data to a GPS server live tracking platform please review our section  Reachfar RF-V16 GPS server live tracking platform sms configuration.