Reachfar GPS-tracker manual - setup instruction commands

Reachfar GPS tracker manual

How to set up your Reachfar GPS-tracker by text message instruction commands?

This is your basic setup for your Reachfar gps tracker. In this manual you will learn how to set up your Reachfar GPS-tracker to connect with a realtime gps live tracking service. This guide will teach you to send correct SMS / text message instruction commands like tracking server ip address, tracking server port, sim-card apn settings and tracking interval.

 Last update: 29.11.2019, Boris Krones

Short setup guide for Reachfar gps tracker product family - how to set up your gps tracker to connect with a GPS realtime tracking server?

setup guide Reachfar gps tracker howto setup connect GPS realtime tracking server

The RF-V GPS-tracker product family from Reachfar are still some of the best GPS trackers on the market. Reachfar GPS trackers can be used with many other realtime GPS tracking service platforms too. You can check the latest product family of Shenzhen Reachfar Technology Company Limited here. In this guide you we will teach you some details about the most important Reachfar SMS command instructions (short message service, text messages from mobile phones). With the SMS / text message commands from this manual you can connect your Reachfar GPS tracker to a GPS tracking server. Just let us know - is everything working fine? You can leave us a comment in our comment section if you have trouble with the commands or something is not working. You can use the setup instructions from this manual for nearly all GPS-trackers from Reachfar family, just have a look at the examples:

Instruction commands for your Reachfar GPS-Tracker - Let's get started

We are using 123456 as the factory default Reachfar GPS tracking device password. If you have changed that password in the past please change the password in these instruction commands.