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Howto setup Reachfar RF-V16 for GPS tracking server by SMS

Learn more about sms configuration of the Reachfar RF-V16 GPS tracker - setup APN, GPRS, tracking platform server, IP address, port etc.

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  GPS server configuration by SMS for your Reachfar RF-V16

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This section is part of our Reachfar RF-V16 sms configuration topic. You can find out more about sms configuration and basic samples in our section  Reachfar RF-V16 SMS basic configuration / minimal configuration. In this section you will learn how to setup your gps tracker Reachfar RF-V16 to make it sending gps data to a gps tracking platform server by GPRS. Dont forget: The default gps tracker password is usually 123456. If you have changed it recently please adjust the commands to your new device password. You need APN settings / APN data to open an internet / tcpip connection. Please feel free to visit our APN section topic  international APN settings for GPS trackers.

  • Request IMEI / serial number
    Your gps tracking server will need your gps tracker id to create an account. Usually you will find a IMEI oder serial number at a sticker on the tracker (sometimes located below battery). In most cases an IMEI has 15 chars, but this tracker has a 10 digit number. The tracking server will need that number. The easiest way to request that number is sending a SMS to the tracker:
    SMS to device dsp#

    The gps tracker sms reply will look like this:

    ID:6401010011, GSM signal: strong;GPS signal:valid; Battery life:80%; Operating mode: push-to-talk; tracking:ON

    In this example the serial number is located at the beginning of the answer, in this case 6401010011. Your number should differ from this example. Please note that number on a sheet of paper or notepad or something like that, you will need it later.

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  • Enable / turn on GPRS GPS platform mode
    Please send following sms command to enable / turn on GPRS GPS platform mode:
    SMS to device gon#
    To disable that mode later just send:
    SMS to device goff#

  • Setup APN for your SIM card
    To open a gprs connection you need to tell the tracker which network has to be connected. Find some commands with preset APN examples below. These commands also include the gps tracking platform server IP address and port.

    T-Mobile USA APN


    T-Mobile UK APN

    Find more APN settings at  international APN settings for GPS trackers.

    The IP address is a sample IP address. You will get a certain IP from your gps server platform provider at registration process.

  • Setup GPS tracking software server IP address and port
    Attention: IP is a sample IP, no productive IP. Please enter the IP address which is told to you by your GPS tracking software provider. Please send:
    SMS to device ip,,port,1155#

  • Setup data transmission interval
    By using this sending interval you tell the tracker how often the tracker sends a position package to the gps server platform. In our freeware gps tracking plans you are allowed to use a three (3) minute data transmission interval. If you need more power we have a lot of premium plans.

    Please send:
    SMS to device tim,3#
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