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XEXUN TK102(-2) setup guide for GPS tracking platform

Your XEXUN TK102 is completely inoperable? This quick setup manual for XEXUN GPS trackers like TK102, TK103 and XT009 will quide you to use our FREE tracking platform.

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  Quick setup commands guide for your XEXUN TK102

This setup will guide you through the SMS / text message configuration of your XEXUN GPS tracker. These commands are suitable for all known XEXUN trackers including TK103, XT009 and XT011 and all other XEXUN models too. We will use the factory default password 123456. If you have changed you should adjust that password in the commands. The APN example is Virgin Mobile UK. If you use another provider please change that setting. If you don't own a GPS tracking platform account yet  register your FREE GPS tracking platform account now. You would like to learn more about how a GPS tracking platform looks like? Visit  our FREE GPS tracking platform demo account.

Are you sure you own a XEXUN tracker and not a clone or fake? If you are not please visit our article  how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine before to clarify the GPS tracker model.

Starting setup for your XEXUN TK102

By the way, you can also setup this tracker with our  XEXUN TK102-2 USB programming configuration setup tool.

  • Initialize configuration
    To tracker begin123456
  • Set APN
    To tracker apn123456 SPACE
    To tracker apnuser123456 SPACE user
    To tracker apnpasswd123456 SPACE webs
  • Set tracking server IP and port
    To tracker adminip123456 SPACE SPACE 1155
  • Enable GPS tracking platform mode
    To tracker tracker123456
  • Setup tracking interval
    To tracker t003m***n123456

By the way, how to reduce your monthly GPS tracker data fees? Reduce to zero: If you are living in UK you should consider using a  FREE GPS tracker sim card in UK.