Can i setup my XEXUN TK102 GPS tracker by USB program?
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Can i setup my XEXUN TK102 GPS tracker by USB program?

Save SMS text message costs and setup your XEXUN TK102 GPS tracker by USB program. Use our TK102 programming configuration tool.

by Boris Krones

 Setup your XEXUN TK102 GPS tracking device by USB

This USB programming and setup utility for XEXUN TK102-2 GPS tracker makes configuration much easier than before. You can now setup your GPS tracker from XEXUN by USB cable. You can find some suitable USB cables for XEXUN trackers in our article USB cable for XEXUN TK102-2. You should make sure before, that your tracker is really from XEXUN. The IMEI number should start with 011 / 012 or 013. If you are sure that the GSM module is a SIM 900 the probability is high that you own a xexun tracking device. Our USB programming tool is not written for clones or fakes, no matter if your device looks like a genuine xexun tracker or not. If you are not sure please read our article how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine. Be aware that using USB tools with a tracker the origin is not known to you can damage your GPS tracker.

As you cannot use a common USB cable you need an original XEXUN TK102 USB firmware update data cable. By the way, this tool is old. 10.000 B.C. or something like that. We have written it some years ago. It doenst really look nice but it works and saves a lot of money because you dont need to setup your XEXUN tracker by SMS text messages. File and folder are portable. Put them wherever you want. Your desktop, your hard disk drive or your USB stick.

Can i use a normal USB cable for TK102 firmware update?

No. A XEXUN TK102 USB programmer cable contains a little chip called USB to serial converter. The converter is something like a signal translator so the RS232 interface chip of the TK102 can understand those signals. Normal USB cables don't contain such a converter chip.

Where can i buy such a TK102 USB programming cable?

You can find some cables in our GPS tracker accessories section. Because there are old and new XEXUN TK102 versions and different cable versions we recommend to buy both cables. They are not really expensive. You can also use these cables to execute a firmware update on your XEXUN TK102 with FLASHMAGIC MCU programmer software. Remember that these USB cables are usually not compatible with clones and fakes.

Do i need a driver?

Yes. The converter chip needs a driver called PROLIFIC PL2303 driver. Just download the PROLIFIC PL2303 driver here.

Where can i download the XEXUN TK102 USB tool?

The download has been eaten by a hungry bear. Just a joke. You can download our XEXUN TK102 USB setup programming tool here.

Do you pay monthly fees for your SIM card?

Check your GPS tracker GPRS data consumption and learn more about FREE wireless internet and phone services. Just read our article FREE GPS tracker sim card in UK.

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