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Another TK102 fake setup guide for GPS tracking platform

Here is another quick setup guide for GPS tracker TK102 fake. Configuration commands for GPS tracking platform usage.

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 Setup TK102 clone with **8707 IMEI for GPS tracking platform

This manual explains configuration and setup for TK102 clone with **8707 IMEI number to use a GPS tracking platform. The IP address is a dummy and for test use only. If you are a registered user of our GPS tracking server you will receive your own IP address. Please don't use in a productive environment. To check whether you own a original or clone tracker please check our article  how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine.

Our commands are using 654321 as device password. The default password for your GPS tracker should be 123456 so you should change the following commands to your own password.

  • Start setup
    To the tracker begin654321
  • Setup GPS server IP and port
    To the tracker  adminip654321 SPACE SPACE 1155
  • Set APN of your SIM card (in this case ePlus germany)
    To the tracker apn654321 SPACE SPACE eplus SPACE gprs
    If you don't get a reply or the reply fail please send following command
    To the tracker apn654321 SPACE
    To the tracker apnuser654321 SPACE eplus
    To the tracker apnpasswd654321 SPACE gprs

    If your APN does not use a APN password or APN username you only need to send APN654321 command, don't send APNUSER and APNPASSWD.
  • Setup GPRS tracking interval
    To the tracker fix180s***n654321

    If you don't get a reply or the reply fail please send following command:
    To the tracker t180s***n654321

  • Enable GPS tracking mode
    To the tracker GPRS654321
    To the tracker tracker654321
  • Setup timezone
    To the tracker time SPACE zone654321 SPACE 0
    If you use our GPS server tracking platform please use timezone 0 (zero). Our server will add your correct timezone automatically. Don't forget, we were using 654321 as command password. Please change that to the default passwort 123456 if you didn't change your password in the past. If your GPS tracker does't accept our configuration commands in this section please let us know. Just write us an email to the email address mentioned in  our website contact and imprint.

      Your SIM card goody  A wrong SIM card can strongly influence your monthly costs for GPS tracking. For users from the United Kingdom (UK) we are proud to announce that you can now reduce your monthly costs against zero. Find out and  jump directly to your free gps tracker sim card1.

    If you come from abroad we can offer a bunch of several SIM cards and providers from all over the world in our section international SIM cards and providers.

 Free GPS tracking for your TK102 clone

Our GPS Server platform is compatible with nearly all TK102 clones. is your free** realtime tracking platform for your GPS tracker, no matter if commercial or private use. You can have a look to  our FREE GPS tracking platform demo account to see how it looks like. If you are interested you can  register your FREE GPS tracking platform account now.