Setup COBAN GPS102 tracker for tracking platform

Setup COBAN GPS102 tracker for tracking platform

GPS tracker setup is annoying and drives you crazy? Learn more about COBAN GPS102 quick setup for GPS tracking platform server.

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 COBAN GPS102 tracking platform setup guide

These sms text message commands are related to the COBAN GPS102 tracker. If you own a XEXUN TK102 or you dont know we recommend our article how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine. Using these commands with the wrong tracker wont damage something, but they simply wont work.

  • Init device
    Message to tracker begin666666
  • Setup GPS tracking server address
    Message to tracker  adminip666666 SPACE SPACE 1101
  • Setup APN (Example here: T-Mobile germany)
    Message to tracker apn666666 SPACE internet.t-mobile
    Message to tracker up666666 SPACE t-mobile SPACE tm
    If your APN does not use APN name or password just dont send the UP command.
  • Set location refresh rate (you wont get an answer after sending this command)
    Message to tracker fix003m***n666666
  • Enable GPRS mode
    Message to tracker GPRS666666
  • Change timezone
    Factory default is china timezone. This will cause that you see a wrong datetime value if you are tracking online. Please change that to 0 (zero) no matter if zero is your local timezone or not. The server will do the work.

    Message to tracker time SPACE zone666666 SPACE 0

  • Set power save mode
    Message to tracker less SPACE gprs666666 SPACE on

  • Set data protocol
    This command will improve remote configuration from server to tracker. If your IMEI number starts with 4597100 or 8686830 send this command. If the IMEI starts with 3597100 this command is meaningless so you can blow it out of your mind.

    Message to tracker protocol666666 SPACE 18 SPACE out

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