How to find a GPS Tracker in car (or any spy device)?

How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car

Does my car have a GPS tracker? Finding a tracker in your car - this is how it works

Find GPS trackers, spy bugs, but also hidden cameras and spy devices. You suspect you're being monitored, tracked or bugged? Where would you look for a hidden GPS tracker in a car? Where can I hide a GPS tracker in a car? We show you how to find and disable GPS trackers, tracking devices and bugs, but also hidden cameras, even if you are not a professional with a bug finder.

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Preface - can GPS GSM trackers and spy bugs get detected?

detect gps tracker, gsm and spy bugy by rf detector

You suspect to be monitored by GPS tracking or bugged by a GSM microphone? We will show you how you can use a bug finder to detect and destroy bugs, trackers and direction finders yourself. If you dont want to read this general stuff just click to get to rf detector comparison table here. A couple of paragraphs below you can see a video showing a rf detector in action. And just for your information: We are talkin' about less than US $50.

GPS bugs, also known as GPS trackers, are always used when people or vehicles are to be monitored from a distance or when interception of interiors or the immediate surroundings is required. Such eavesdropping attacks and GPS Surveillance does not only take place in the area of illegal industrial espionage, for example in order to obtain internal business and not only in small businesses, but also in the business world. GPS tracking is now available for everyone.

Bugs and hidden cameras - locate and find spy devices and bugs

Espionage technology is used more often than one might think. If you think that spy devices are only used by authorities such as the police, you are mistaken. It is not uncommon for spouses to monitor and eavesdrop on each other, for example with hidden cameras, GSM bugs (listening devices) or GPS trackers or a car and car GPS tracker. Managers and supervisors are curious and always want to know where you are. What types of spy devices are there actually?

  • GPS Tracker (also GPS Bug, GPS Tracker or GPS transmitter) - monitors the location of your vehicle from a distance
  • Hidden GSM and wireless cameras / spy cameras - optical surveillance of rooms and persons
  • Listening devices (including GSM and radio bugs) - acoustic monitoring

How much does a bug finder cost? Where can I get a signal detector?

Bug finder and signal detector are available in all price ranges. Usable bug detectors are available from about $40 on. We have found the most common model for you. Our focus is on the detection of GSM frequencies, i.e. mobile phone tracking, as well as the detection of GSM and GPS bugs (GPS trackers and listening devices).

See how easy is using the G318+ GPS Signal Detector

This is a Brief review of the G318 plus Spy Bug detector. As you can see you have to calibrate it a little bit by turning the calibration wheel at the top of the spy detector. Where to buy please see rf detector comparison table here. We have listed 4 different rf signal detectors and compared.

Review and rf detector comparison table

Just click the image to switch between each single rf detector.

RF DetektorAnti Spy DetectorMini Anti-Spy RF Detector G318Anti-spy Detector K18
RF Signal Detector Comparison RF Detektor RF Signal Detector Comparison Anti Spy Detector RF Signal Detector Comparison Mini Anti-Spy RF Detector G318
Our advice
RF Signal Detector Comparison Anti-spy Detector K18
RF DetektorAnti Spy DetectorMini Anti-Spy RF Detector G318Anti-spy Detector K18
Let's talk about money
PriceUS $45.00US $13.59US $37.99US $29.75
External online ratings
Mobile radio frequencies (2G, 3G, 4G), i.e. GSM bugs, mobile phones, GSM GPS trackers
Radio frequencies, WLAN / WiFi frequencies
1,2 GHz
2,4 Ghz (WLAN)
5 GHz (WLAN)
Frequency range1-6000 MHz1-8000 MHz1-8000 MHz1-8000 MHz
Shipping fromChinaChinaChinaChina
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Which bug finder would we use?

recommendation which bug finder would we use

With this bug finder you can detect various transmitters that use the GSM frequency band. So you can not only locate mobile phones, but also GPS trackers, hidden wireless cameras and GSM bugs (listening devices). At around US $30 and US $45 the Mini Anti-Spy RF Detector G318 (click here for product details)1 is in the midfield in terms of price. In our opinion this bug tracker can do everything you need, all important frequency ranges are covered. This means that both devices that work with the mobile phone network (GPS direction-finding transmitters, GSM bugs) and listening devices that only work via radio (e.g. hidden cameras) can be found. This bug finder can therefore do everything you need to be able to detect a bug without outside help. The bug finder shown here can be found in the bug finder comparison table in the last column under the name RF Detector G318.