GPSER Minifinder Pico SMS setup and configuration
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GPSER Minifinder Pico SMS setup, settings and configuration


The Minifinder Pico from sweden, one of the smallest gps trackers in the world - affordable gps live tracking - You need help and assistance at sms configuration for your gps tracker minifinder pico? Find suitable SMS commands, setup help and configuration here.

by Boris Krones

SMS commands, settings, setup and configuration for your Minifinder Pico

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  SMS configuration settings for basic gps live tracking platform setup

Please make sure that you are using proper APN settings. Wrong settings may cause that the gps tracker wont work. TIP  You need help finding suitable APN? Check out our article about international APN settings for GPS trackers.

  •   Interval of position transmission
    To device TI180S (the second letter is an I like Insurance)
  •   APN settings of SIM card
  •   Connect to GPS live tracking platform
    To device IP1,,1155

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