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Geofence online generator for COBAN GPS trackers

Create your geofence stockade sms command for COBAN gps trackers online. Push and send command to phone by QR code.

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 Coban and XEXUN geofence generator

This generator will help you to create your STOCKADE sms command for your COBAN or XEXUN GPS tracker. The command works for most models like TK102, GPS102, 103, etc, If you dont know which model you are using we recommend our article  how to recognize a TK102 clone, fake and original genuine. There you can learn a lot of setup instructions for several models, also clones and fakes.

 What is a geofence?

A geofence is an area which is prohibited to be entered or to be left. If this geofence area is left or entered by a tracking device the GPS tracker will trigger an alert. This alert is usually sent by SMS text message or directly to a GPS tracking platform server. This server will now inform the user about that alert.

 Complex geofences

The geofence you can setup by the STOCKADE command of your GPS tracker is just a simple rectangle. Four corners and an area in the middle, that is all. If you need a geofence suitable for your area, for example an industrial building complex or agricultural area a rectangular fence wont meet your requirements. With our serverfence you can setup more precise and complex geofences. If you dont have a tracking platform account you can  register your FREE GPS tracking platform account now. Or just have a look into  our FREE GPS tracking platform demo account.

How to use our COBAN gps tracker geofence online generator?

If you dont need more that a rectangular geofence you can use the STOCKADE command of your GPS tracker. Press the SHIFT key, hold it pressed. Draw a rectangle on the map. Release the SHIFT key and the left mouse key. Thats it. Easy, isnt it?